Sebastian Grabowski

Ekspert w obszarze Smart City


2020 Ph. D, University of Warsaw; Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies  ,
2010-2011 Warsaw School of Social Psychology, General Psychology
2005-2006 University of Warsaw, Department of Management, Postgraduate Studies, Major of Management
2000-2001 American Language Communications Center in New York
1995-2000 Technical University of Koszalin, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Major Electronics and Telecommunications, Specialization of Digital Telecommunications
1990- 1995 High Technical Electrical School


Orange Poland –  IoT and Advance Technologies, position: Line of Business Director – reporting to Orange Poland Board Member 2018 – 2021 (to the end of July)

  • Management of Direct Specialized Sales, Marketing, R&D, Presales and Partnerships
  • Building a market strategy (marketing and sales) in the areas of IoT, M2M and advanced technologies (API, Data Monetization, Machine Learning), strategy adaptation to changing market conditions , the responsibility for strategy implementation.
  • Preparing and supervising the implementation of the unit’s budget, revenue, costs (Opex and Capex) and margin (EBITDA).
  • Managing the ecosystem of the technology partners / IoT solution providers, and advanced technologies. Managing list of partners / suppliers and description of their solutions. Selection of partners in terms of uniqueness technology, flexibility of cooperation and maximization of revenues and EBITDA.
  • Developing the area of partnerships related to IoT and cooperation with Orange Fab.
  • Creating and developing together with suppliers and / or sales partners of innovative business models IoT and M2M solutions as well advanced technologies.
  • Supporting  of the sales process  of IoT solutions based on the the synergy of telecommunications and tele information offers (eg LTE CatM).
  • Caring for the image of a professional, modern and flexible company that adapts to expectations, building a positive NPS indicator.
  • Creating, implementing comprehensive (also non-standard) IoT solutions and advanced technologies, including in particular IoT E2E solutions implemented under the Orange brand.
  • Implementation of innovative B2B service solutions based on Open Source solutions, integration of solutions, construction of unique IoT management tools and advanced technologies (API).
  • Development of the M2M offer (e.g. for LPWA technologies) and implementation of sales, quality, efficiency and revenue goals related to M2M.
  • Portfolio management of offers and sales animation of IoT and API solutions, communication in cooperation with Business Market Marketing.
  • Proactive building of new sales channels, ways of reaching the market and its animation.
  • Cooperation with the innovation ecosystem (universities and research institutions, technology parks and incubators, development environments, etc.) in Poland and the Orange Group to implement solutions in the IoT / API area. Cooperation with the Orange Group in the IoT domain.

Orange Poland –  R&D Center Orange Poland, position: Director 2013 – 2018


  • Management of R&D international projects and initiatives within Orange
    *Context Awareness/Open Data &Open Systems/API/SDP/Advanced Networks/Virtualization and Cloud/Social & Personal Services/Big Data/Incubator for startups and innovations
  • Creation and implementation of R & D cooperation with universities in the country and abroad, as well as cooperation in the field of innovation and research with other Orange units and external partners , eg local governments , incubators, creative centers etc
  • Working with Orange in the scope of research, particularly for key research areas (Research – Conquest Terrains ) and build advanced centers of competence in research and innovation.
  • Coordination of obtaining EU funding and external grants for the implementation of research and also participation in EU research projects and cooperation with all entities that promote innovative research in Poland.
  • Management of cooperation with external partners to explore new technological innovations and initiating new areas of research and to build future HR resources and  innovative image of Orange.
  • Management of processes of innovation and incubation at TP Group , for example, by collecting ideas , build prototypes, demonstration plants , exposure solutions ( Innovation Gardens ) and promoting innovation ( Innovation Days , etc.)

Orange Poland – Orange Labs Poland , Service Platform and Middleware, position: Division Director 2009 – 2013


  • Management or  research on new technological solutions dealing with the service platforms taking into account technical and business requirements
  • Management of technical analysis and studies regarding network architecture (including Application Servers, Call Servers, Border / Access Media Gateways)
  • Management from R&D side of New TV platform development (Orca, Right TV, BitBand, Sagem)
  • Monitoring of development of technical requirements for integrated services, in particular: NGN / IMS, VoIP, GSM / UMTS, IN and PSTN / ISDN required by Polish Regulator and market opportunities prior to commercial deployment
  • Leadership of development projects and contribution to implementation projects dealing with NGN / IMS, VoIP, GSM /UMTS, IN networks and services
  • Leadership of IMS ALU development for FT Group.
  • Management of MultiVAS platforms Technical Skill Center (SMSC, MMSC, USSD GW) for FT Group.
  • Management of conducted  analysis and research on service interfaces required for interworking / interoperability between service platforms and external systems (OSS/BSS) in TP and FT Group.
  • Management of conducted research and development activities related to services and networks integration taking into account new technical solutions and technological trends
  • Management of research in the field of service and network security for IT and telecommunications systems
  • Initiator of Telco APIs multioperator standardization in Poland
  • Co-author of Open Middleware 2.0 Community (whole ecosystem in Poland  around Telco API exposure)
  • Management of the delivery/anticipation/research works for the API exposition and SDP domains, especially for the technologies research and developments (incl. Open Source)
  • Management of Open Platforms domain contributions for Orange Group activities, especially for technology analysis, studies and evaluations
  • Management of Orange Labs Poland contributions for AMEA services developments (services on JSLEE and SDP GOS APIs)
  • Managed of development of technical requirements for OTT TV STB (RFI level).
  • Managed of technical evolution of OTT TV service in Orange Poland (TV Tu i Tam).

Orange Poland – Project Management Office in Technical Branch position: Head of Project and Program Management Unit 2007-2009


  • Management of work of 15 employees,
  • Management of endangered projects in Network Branch,
  • Management of key Programs
    *Broadband Program in TPSA,
    *MVNO Program in PTK Centertel,*RUN Optimization Program in RUN area in TPSA
  • Management of key projects
  • Coordination of setup and the finalization of programs executed at  Technical Branch
  • Co-formation of management process of project at TP Group/Orange

Orange Poland – Planning & Technology Development Department position: Product Development Manager, 2004 – 2007


  • Demand Management & Product Management for all offers and technology products developed in Network Division, including participation in roadmap coordination and strategy.
  • Major Project delivered as Project Manager:
    *Broadband Streem Access (BSA) –  Orange Freedom
    *MVNO AVON first virtual operator in OPL Network,
    *OPL ODN (Orange Data Network ) coordinator.*…and over 50 others

Orange Poland – Quality Department, position: Network Analyzes Engineer, 2001 – 2004


  • Participating in drawing up reports and mobile phone network analysis and additional related services.
  • Designer of IN platform reporting system (Unisys and eServeGlobal)
  • Designer of GSM, NMT reporting system (Nortel, Nokia, Ericsson)

Telekomunikacja Polska S.A   2000 – 2001


  • Students Practical Training


  • MTDC Certificates issued by George Washington University: Risk Management, , Leadership in Project Management,  Program Management, Negotiation Skills,
  • IMS Overview (APIS),
  • UMTS-IMS and SIP Signaling (APIS),
  • UMTS System (NORTEL),
  • 3G System training (NOKIA),
  • Universal Voice Messaging System UVMS (UNISYS),
  • Addressing Services (UNISYS),
  • Methods of Measuring ROI / TCO in IT investment practice (CPI),
  • Oracle Courses eg. Oracle 9i PL/SQL, Oracle 9i Strojenie,  Strojenie poleceń SQL   Oracle 9i,
  • Bussines Intelligence Courses: eg. Bussines Objects e6, Migration (Business  Objects) and many many many others


author & co-author

  • What is Open Data and How to Benefit from It –  Information Science in the Change. INFORMATION SCIENCE, Information Studies VOL.52 2014 NO.1(103) – 2014
  • Software Developers Communities Centered Around Open APIs: Examples and Conclusions – Information Science in the Change. Information Science and Digital Humanities. Wydawnictwo SBN 2016 Warszawa, strona 121 – 135
  • nterfejsy programistyczne w systemach Otwartego Rządu- IV Konferencja projektu PITWIN – 09.2012
    LocFusion API – Programming Interface for Accurate Multi-Source Mobile Terminal Positioning Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems FedCSIS 2013
  • Orange for Smart City National Symposium on Telecommunications and Computer Networks KSTiT 2013, Review of Telecommunication and Telecommunication News 8-9/2013
  • Programmable Communications Network, use open, standards based APIs to build compelling communications services.(Link)  Java Magazin May/June 2013
  • BusStop – Telco 2.0 application supporting public transport in agglomerations   Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems FedCSIS 2012
  • APS for passengers of citizen transport created on the Open Government model – Review of ICT T.1(19) Nr 1; Publisher:  IAiR WAT – 2013
  • NMR API – New programming interface In Telco 2.0 modem and use cases,  KKRRiT Gdańsk, 14-16 maja 2012
  • Integration of  context information from different sources: Unified Communication, Telco 2.0 and M2M – Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems FedCSIS 2013
  • The Adoption of Open Data and Open API Telecommunication Functions by Software Developers – Business Information Systems Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing Volume 208, 2015, pp 337-347 – 16.06.2015
  • Nowe technologie na rynku przewozów lotniczych- Ekonomiczne problemy turystyki Nr 2 (34) 2016, Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Szczecin 2016. s. 237-249.


  • President of the Board of ArchitectsPL Foundation
  • Awarded by the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications with the title of Digital Personality of the Year in 2017
  • Awarded by MIT Sloan Management Review Polska and Institute ICAN the title “Master of Innovative Transformation” in 2021
  • Lecturer in Jagiellonian University (object: Crowd-coursing, Mobile Technologies)
  • Member in KIS 15 (National Intelligent Specialization) in Ministry of Enterprise and Technology
  • Member of  The Social Council of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and                    Telecommunications. AGH Krakow
  • Member of  The Business Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, PW Warszawa
  • Author of  BIHAPI Business Intelligence API
  • Co-author of MUNDO project (found by NCBiR – open data in Warsow)
  • Member of SIT  “Telecommunication Engineers Association” in Poland
  • „BE ORANGE” award for the best PTK Centertel employees
  • Marketing award for “Creativeness” – Creator of names for key PrePaid products „ZETAFON”„DWUPAK”
  • President of Technical University of Koszalin Students and Graduetes Association „Millennium”
  • Vice-President of Students Parliament of Technical University of Koszalin 1998 – 2000
  • Member of Technical University of Koszalin Senate in the years 1997 – 2000


  • English  – fluent
  • German – basic


  • Open Data
  • psychology
  • history
  • politics